Male Lion DSCF5642African Openbill DSCF3793Baboon DSCF3448Black Egret Umbrella Bird DSCF3808Black Egret Umbrella Bird DSCF3809Bookends DSCF4762Bradfield's Hornbill DSCF4698Bradfield's Hornbill DSCF4700Cape Buffalo DSCF3894Cape Buffalo DSCF3896Croc DSCF3540Drying its wings DSCF3531DSCF4430-EditAcasia needles DSCF4972Ducks DSCF3550Early morning on the Kafue DSCF6311Eland DSCF7461Elephant DSCF7399Elephant sunset DSCF7796Elephant Watching DSCF4253

Guestbook for Southern Africa 2015
Jim Sachs(non-registered)
Feeling like I was there with you. Thanks for the marvelous display on my favorite woman...Mother Nature.